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Manufacturing is on it’s way back to the US

You can rarely listen to a news broadcast or read a newspaper without hearing about the reoccurring subject of jobs. Bringing jobs back to the U.S. is a hot button issue that most everyone can agree needs to be priority.

The White House released a report last year stating that the manufacturing sector of the U.S. job market lost more than 3 million jobs from 2001 to 2007. Over the last two years, over 330,000 manufacturing jobs have come back to the U.S. – there is still a long way to go, however.

LaserMan Fabrication Made in the USAOne promising trend seen over the last couple of years that should help us close the gap on job loss, is an increase in the number of U.S companies that are bringing their manufacturing back to America. Companies like Apple, Ford and Caterpillar have announced major investments in ‘insourcing’ jobs to the U.S. from places like China, Japan and Mexico.

This increase in U.S. manufacturing means more products stamped with that ever important “Made in the U.S.A” emblem. This is good news for the 52% of people polled by the New York Times that think that it is “very important” that products they buy are made in America. And it’s good news for U.S. manufacturing companies like LaserMan Fabrication, a sheet metal fabrication company in Belvidere, NJ.

“We have all seen the news lately of big name companies like Apple and Ford being committed to bringing more of their manufacturing back into this country,” says Brian Sadowski, owner of LaserMan Fabrication. “We here at LaserMan feel it’s a great opportunity for us to become a large part of this new manufacturing renaissance. Increased U.S. manufacturing means more business for us and the ability for our company to reinvest in our shop which in turn will create more jobs.”

Sadowski also states that, “an advantage of having products manufactured at a company like LaserMan, is customers can be more involved and ‘hands-on’ in the manufacturing process.  Turn-around time can be cut from 12 weeks for some overseas companies to just a few weeks.”

Although previously thought to be more cost effective to outsource manufacturing, more and more companies are finding that increased wages in places like China along with prohibitive shipping costs and long turn-around times, make the idea of U.S. manufacturing more and more attractive. Additionally, products made in the U.S. often have a quality that can’t often be matched and less overseas travel to check up on factories and the ability to go over design details and actually touch the product is very appealing to many companies.

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